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About Grant Homes

Company Profile

Grant Homes LLC was founded in 1996 by brothers Carey and Kevin Grant continuing a family tradition that goes back over 60 years in the Memphis area.  Carey and Kevin are third generation builders that followed in the footsteps of, Milton Grant, their Father, and Carl Grant, their Grandfather.  Carl Grant started his homebuilding career in 1948 after getting out of the Navy and working as a real estate salesman.  Milton Grant started building homes in 1970.  The Grants have built hundreds of homes, developed hundreds of residential lots, a Hotel, Shopping Centers, and multiple apartment complexes.  They have a long history in the Midsouth that will continue for many years to come.

The knowledge and experience gained over the years has been passed down to Carey and Kevin helping Grant Homes LLC to become a successful company that builds quality homes and pays attention to details.  They focus on working with the customer to make the new home buying process as easy as possible.  The plans they build are always evolving with the housing market.  One of the biggest pluses to buying a Grant Home is that Carey and Kevin personally supervise the construction of their homes.  They drive their jobs daily and know what is going on with the day to day operations from top to bottom.  This hands on approach has made the quality of their homes first rate.

Carey and Kevin Grant hope you see the excellent features that their homes provide and look forward to putting you into your dream home.  Visit one of their communities and see what Grant Homes LLC, Your Quality Builder for Three Generations, has for sale today!